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24 Affordable Winter Survival Items to Get Now

Winter is around the corner. 

Best time to prepare is now.

This blog will discuss items you’d want if the grid went down (including electrical and gas).

  • Assuming you live in a suburban home or apartment
  • Had friends that went through this last year in TX
  • At time of recording Nord Stream pipeline appears to be crippled.  Europe is facing some challenging times ahead / winter will probably be difficult there.

At the end of blog, will also discuss steps to take if the grid is crippled.

  • We’ll break up the items by category.
    • If you’ve been preparing for awhile, you’ll probably have most of these items already.

We’ll post links to all of these items in the section below.



Important to have since we’ll cover options such as generator and candles.


Have to factor in neighbors (if in apartment) as well.

1) Carbon monoxide sensor alarm

  • Battery operated

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Alarm

2) Fire extinguisher.  

  • Don’t get the small kind, get a decent sized one.  

Fire Extinguisher


3) Painter plastic sheeting + duct tape

Vapor Lock

Use these to cover windows to create a vapor lock.

Most modern windows are double pane.

Even if have doubled pane windows, some may not shut tightly and want to seal any leaks.  We’ll cover more about this next week.

If the room you retreat to doesn’t have a door, will want to isolate the room by hanging up plastic sheets or blankets. 

Heat rises: if you have a two story house and you’re staying downstairs / block entrance to upstairs

4) Sleeping bags, quilts, wool blankets + ground pad

  • Do not sleep directly on floor: will suck your body’s warmth way.  Have a pad or blankets under the sleeping bag.

Sleeping Blanket

5) Electric blanket or heating pad

Will need a solar or gas generator which can be expensive / will cover momentarily.

Electric Heating Pad

6) Emergency foil blankets

  • Cheap
  • Can line clothing with these to reflect body heat back

Emergency Foil Blanket

7) Hot water bottles and thermoses

  • Put hot water in these
  • Can keep in your sleeping bag to keep you warm
  • Great to sip on to keep core body temperature up

Hot Water Bottle

8) Small tent (enough for your family, nothing more)

  • Set this up in your designated area
  • Get several people in one of these: will produce warmth that can be contained.
  • Also can line the inside with the survival blankets to reflect back the heat.  
  • No tent?  Use a table and throw blankets over it and get underneath.

Small Tent

9) Winter clothes (layered)

  • Be sure to move / calisthenics

Layered Clothes

10) Mr. Heater Buddy

  • Mr. Heater Buddy have a sensor to detect low oxygen levels and shut off.  Probably safest option on the market.

Mr Heater Buddy

Still, be sure to have ventilation and have carbon monoxide device next to it.  

11) Small propane tanks + large tanks + hose for Mr. Heater and cooking stove 

Propane Tank

We’ll cover these momentarily.

Ideally get items that can use the same fuel source.


12) Led headlamps, lanterns, flashlights

Camping Lamps

13) Tea candles

  • Be very careful with open flames


14) UCO lantern

  • Heat and lighting
  • We prefer this over an open flame

UCO Lantern

15) Propane lantern

  • Not our first choice, but an option
  • Works with propane bottles

Propane Lantern


16) Camping stove

Camping Stove

17) Food

  • Eat the refrigerator (perishable) items first
  • Can place food outside at night
  • Put buckets of water outside to allow to freeze and then put them in the refrigerator in the daytime
  • Warming foods easy to cook: canned chili or soup, oatmeal.  Easy to prepare and clean up.

Camping Food


18) Stored water

  • Bring water containers into your heated area as they can retain heat and slowly dissipate it over night 
  • Plus helps them avoid freezing

Stored Water


19) Emergency radio

Emergency Radio


20) Small solar panel for charging electronics + battery (i.e. phones)

Small Solar Power

21) Solar generator setup and lights that can be run off of this system


22) Generator: Be careful with this where you run it

23) Extension cords with splitter on the ends.  Get quality options if powering a lot.  Handle higher amperage.

Extension Cord

Damage prevention

24) Faucet cover.  

  • Let faucets inside house drip.  
  • If extended cold weather / consider filling up containers / shut off water to house / drain pipes

Faucet Protector


  • Move to your designated room and begin preparing it.
    • Ideal room would be part of kitchen as cooking will add heat to the area.
    • Lock windows to keep tension.
    • Cover windows and doors with your plastic sheeting.  This doesn’t need to be airtight.  Simply slowing the exchange of warm and cold air is often sufficient enough.
  • We are hesitant to recommend the DIY heaters with candles.
    • We mentioned the UCO lantern which is safe, but beyond that, be careful with open flames.
  • Regarding sanitation
  • Keep trash to a minimum as
  • Check on your neighbors

We’ll do a follow up blog next week about ways to make your home more efficient for the coming winter.

As always, stay safe out there.

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Anne Zamluk
Anne Zamluk
4 months ago

We live in Canada and have butane cooking stoves available. They are the single burner stoves that chefs often use for demonstrations. We have a “Thunder Range” and several bottles of butane which we use frequently during power outages. I put one of my rimmed cookie sheets upside down as a heat disperser then put the stove on top. It works well.

Last edited 4 months ago by Anne Zamluk

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