Marti's Corner - 122

September 10, 2023
Hi Everyone, I have heard (on the internet) of more COVID variants and restrictions coming our way.  Now…you CAN’T believe everything you read on the…
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5 Enemies of Long-Term Food Storage You're Overlooking

September 8, 2023
In this video, we’ll cover the five enemies of long-term food storage, discuss some simple preservation techniques you can start implementing to maximize your food’s…
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Marti's Corner - 121

September 1, 2023
Hi Everyone, Time to share these posters with you again.  Start with the first poster, and be ready for the first 3 minutes.  Then move…
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What To Expect for Rest of 2023

August 27, 2023
At the time of recording this video, we are almost 65% of the way through 2023, but it hasn’t been without a few challenges. From…
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Marti's Corner - 120

August 24, 2023
A few years ago, our local church community had monthly classes on different aspects of being prepared.  Well…… another group in Utah has done the…
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Marti's Corner - 119

August 17, 2023
Hi Everyone, Because there are only two of us to cook for, I’m often scaling down recipes to smaller sizes.  I got wondering about it…
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Unbelievable: It’s Happening Right In Front of Us

August 2, 2023
In doing research on issues that my viewers want to be aware of, I come across documented information from time to time that even I…
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25 Vegetables to Plant Right Now

July 31, 2023
Do you feel like you missed your opportunity to establish a garden this year? Don’t panic. There’s still time. August and September are the months…
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