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When The Meds Run Out After SHTF: How To Prepare

After a disaster, a simple scratch could mean the difference between life and death.  During the civil war, twice as many soldiers died from disease versus direct trauma suffered during combat.  Apart from infections, many other illnesses and common health issues that can be easily treated during normal times will result in fatalities without proper medication.  Within the preparedness community, one of the common concerns is securing life-saving meds in advance of life-saving drugs not being available.  The often recommended go-to option for years has been fish antibiotics.  While not specifically designed for human use, it has been considered a “better than nothing” solution.  But what if there was a way to secure critical medication in advance, legally, that you could store for times of emergency?

Most are familiar with a company that offers five antibiotics

  • They’ve flooded the preparedness community over the last several months
  • But some of our Subscribers have special medical needs part from just antibiotics
  • So we did some research looking for a company with more options.
  • Found a company with over 60+ prescription meds that you can order through them, including the critical antibiotics
  • We actually approached them, not the other way around

In this blog, we’ll cover Duration Health, a company we’ve partnered with that, in addition to crucial antibiotics, they have over 60 plus different medications.  We frequently get emails asking about meds if the grid were to go down, and this blog is for you.

  • Upfront: this is not a fear blog:
    • We don’t want to scare you into buying these products, but rather we want to educate you on an option
    • If at any time during this video interested in this product – will have a link and coupon code below
  • It’s a straightforward process to get these meds which we’ll outline in this blog

Before we jump in 

  • When we were in Afghanistan in ‘03, we had prescription antibiotics / namely Ciproflaxin
  • Clearly there were no reliable pharmacies / having meds in advance can make all the difference when we got sick

What we’ll cover in this blog:

  • Why you should consider buying prescription meds as part of your preps, especially antibiotics [Why Purchase Meds?]
  • How long can you realistically store meds? [Storage Timeframe]
  • The process of getting meds with Duration Health [Process to Obtain]
  • Final thoughts [Final Thoughts]

Let’s jump in

Why Purchase Meds?


  • Popular prepper book: 1 second after
    • An EMP takes out the grid / community quickly descends into chaos
    • Main character gets a cut / nearly dies
    • Able to secure antibiotics and lives
    • Story points out what we take for granted: access to life-saving meds
  • This is where companies like this come in
    • Provide critical antibiotics you can secure that will allow you to treat a wide array of infections.
    • As mentioned, fish antibiotics have been popular in past
    • But having prescription, legitimate meds could be literally the difference between life and death

As we mentioned at beginning, we Introduced this company specifically b/c have more options than just antibiotics.  For example, some may have breathing problems and need albuterol.  Or you may contract a parasitic infection and need ivermectin, or you need an oral steroid (such as prednisone), instead of antibiotics. A severe allergic anaphylaxis reaction could require an EpiPen. Nausea and vomiting could be treated with ondansetron.  So it’s not just antibiotics you need to consider in your prepper pharmacy.

When we took CERT training several years back, this was one of the main points they made: very unlikely will easily have available care if there’s a major disaster.  

  • How much more important if a major disaster?

How Long Can You Store Meds?

How Long Can You Store MedicineMeds have an expiration date listed on the packaging. 

  • Required by FDA

We’ll post a link to an article from Harvard in which they discuss this in detail.

  • In the article, they document military study into the longevity of meds
    • We will post a link to it below
  • What they found was that 90% of the meds were still good after 15 years of storage
  • The primary issue was that most meds lose their effectiveness over time
    • This is not for all meds (only 90%), so please study your specific medication

So that’s the takeaway here

  • Meds have to list expiration date for liability purposes
    • But as the study points out, the military didn’t want to toss meds and, after studying it, found many meds still incredibly effective.
    • So if you do purchase any of these, be sure to properly store them away
    • If properly stored, cool, dark, dry place, drug may be potent for many years.

Process of Getting Meds

Process Of Getting Medicine

  • Very straightforward process.
  • Go to durationhealth.com/cityprep
    • We’ll post a link in the description section below to get to the site
    • You’ll then click the button in the top right, “Get Kit”
    • You’ll then enter your state from the drop down
    • You’ll then enter your email address
    • You’ll then click checkout and be directed to a page where you’ll fill out your info.
    • Be sure to enter promo code “cityprep” in the coupon field
    • From there, you’ll select a time to do a zoom call with an actual licensed physician.  You’ll detail your medical needs and they’ll give you options for medicine they can prescribe you based on your needs.  You’ll be given a link to your cart with all the meds you requested, you will review it and then checkout.  Next, you’ll get an email notifying you of your purchase and relevant shipping information.

Show contents of kit

That’s about it, it’s pretty easy.

Final Thoughts

When we review products like this, we know these are not cheap, and this will be a big sacrifice for many.

  • We try to find the best options for my community.  This particular company has many used by many companies, including government agencies, so we know it’s worth looking into.
  • As mentioned at the beginning, don’t let this be a decision to purchase based on fear.
    • If you have your primary preps squared away and want to get a pharmacy set up, we think this is a great option.
  • If you have any questions, please let us know in comments below


As always, stay safe out there.


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